BitBox01: Blink patterns

The LED of the BitBox01 prompts for user actions and signals outcomes with the following blinking patterns since version 6.1.0 where:

· is a short blink for 0.1 seconds

– is a long blink for 0.3 seconds

— is on for several seconds

—— is on until touched

Device StateBlinking PatternUser Action
Action was successful (after successful touch, when triggering the blinking through the manage device screen, and when the firmware boots).· -none
Action was aborted.· · · · · · · ·none
Blink between 1 and 4 times when pairing the device with the mobile verification app.-
- -
- - -
- - - -
Enter the number of blinks in the mobile app.
Enter unlocked bootloader after inserting the device.——Touch to enter bootloader mode.
Wait for timeout to enter normal mode.
Authenticate with U2F.——Touch to authenticate.
Wait for timeout to reject.
  • Unlock the bootloader for the next boot.
——Hold 3 seconds to accept.
Short touch or timeout to reject.
  • Sign a transaction.
— (repeats)
  • Change primary password.
  • Set/change password for hidden wallet.
  • Continue logging in to the device after 10 failed attempts.
— · (repeats)
  • Reset the device.
  • Erase a backup.
  • Lock the device, also known as full 2FA.
— · · (repeats)
  • Enter pairing mode to pair the device with the mobile verification app.
— · · · (repeats)

Since Nov 2019 we stopped selling the BitBox01. Customer and in-app support will continue for the foreseeable future, but we advise BitBox01 owners to move their funds to a different hardware wallet such as the BitBox02. We offer a 25% loyalty discount to move over to the BitBox02. For more information see here