Steelwallet is an offline, metal seed storage tool that protects your seed against fire, water, electrical-shocks and corrosion. It consists of engraved stainless steel sheets and an automatic puncher. Each sheet can store 12 seeds word, 6 per side.

How to set it up

Step 1: Have your seed/mnemonic at hand.

All words of your seed come from the BIP-39 word list. One property of that wordlist is, that by knowing the first 4 letters you identify each word unanimously. That’s why you can only punch the first 4 letters of each word on your Steelwallet.

Step 2: Grab a marker and mark the holes you need to punch.

For example, if your first word is “escape”, make a mark where column 1 and row E cross. Continue with the first 4 letters of each word.

alt text

Step 3: Check that you’ve marked all spots correctly

Before you use the automatic puncher you should verify that you’ve marked all spots correctly.

Step 4: Take the puncher and punch the spots that you’ve marked.

After having punched the first 6 words, turn the sheet around and punch the next 6 words. Repeat until you’ve punched your whole seed.

alt text

Step 5: Store the Steelwallet sheets safely

Once you have finished setting up your Steelwallet, make sure to store it in a safe location.