BitBox02: Receiving payments

Table of contents

  1. Select account
  2. Click receive
  3. Verify receive address
  4. Copy or scan address
  5. Receive

Bitcoin 101:

A Bitcoin address should only be used once. You can think of it like a payment request that expires after it has been used once. You can theoretically re-use a Bitcoin address but we strongly advise against doing so as it is very bad for your privacy. Your BitBoxApp will automatically only show you unused Bitcoin addresses and hide the ones you’ve already used. Whenever you want to receive coins just go on the receive page and get a new address.

Select account

Use the menu on the left to choose the coin (and type) you would like to receive. To activate more coins and types check out this guide.

Watch receive tutorial video or continue reading

Click receive

Once you have selected the coin, click the “Receive” button in the upper right corner. alt text

Verify receive address

You will then see the first few characters of a receive address. In order to get the complete address you need to verify it on your BitBox02 by clicking “Show and verify full address on device”.

alt text

The address will then be shown on your BitBox02 and the BitBoxApp at the same time.

Copy or scan address

You can then scan the QR-code or copy the address.

Please confirm that the address you scanned with your other wallet and the address shown on your BitBox02 match.

Rule: Always trust your hardware wallet, not the wallet app. alt text


You can now use this address to send coins to your BitBox02. When you want to make another transaction to your BitBox02 create a new receive address first, don’t re-use addresses.