BitBox02: Managing backups

Table of contents

  1. Listing the backup files
  2. Verifying a backup
  3. Creating a new backup

Please make sure you have the microSD card that contains your backup inserted into your BitBox02.

Listing the backup files

In order to check which backup files are on your microSD card, click “Manage Backups” alt text You will then see a list of all backup files found on the currently inserted microSD card.

Normally that is just one file: alt text

Verifying a backup

In order to verify, that one of the backup files on the currently inserted microSD card is a backup of the wallet you are currently using on your BitBox02 (and not a backup of some other, older wallet which you might not be using anymore) click “Check Backup”.

You should then see a pop-up like this:

alt text

That pop-up tells you that there is a backup for the currently used wallet, i.e. in this case there is a backup for the wallet called “Tutorial-2” which is the wallet I’m currently using.

You are then asked to confirm that the ID shown in the BitBoxApp matches the ID shown on your BitBox02. If that is the case please confirm on your BitBox02 and then click “OK” in the BitBoxApp.

Creating a new backup

If your backup was destroyed or you would just like to create another backup to store in a different location you can easily do that. All you need is a fresh microSD card which the new backup will be stored on.

Plug in the new microSD card and click “Manage Backups”

alt text

Click “Create Backup”

alt text

Follow instructions on your BitBox02

Next you should see a pop-up telling you to follow the instructions on your BitBox02 screen.

alt text

Then you will be asked to input your device password to confirm the backup creation.

Once confirmed, you backup will be created and saved to the microSD card.

If you would like to manually check that there now is a backup file on the microSD card, please click “Back” once, then “Manage Backups” again and then verify your backup.