BitBox02: Device settings

Table of contents

  1. Secrets section
  2. Firmware section
  3. Hardware section
  4. Expert section

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Secrets section

At the top of the device settings you can find the “Secrets” section. This section is all about making sure your funds are secure.

It let’s you:

Firmware section

The firmware section shows you which firmware version you are running on your BitBox02 and if you’re up to date. Rest assured, we will notify you in the app, on twitter, via our blog and our email newsletter when a new update becomes available.

Hardware section

This section let’s you change your wallet name and use the built in true-random-number-generator (TRNG) to generate a 256-bit random number.

Expert section

The “expert” section allows you to enable the passphrase option. To learn more about that follow this guide.