BitBox02: Reset device

Table of contents

  1. Make sure you have your backup
  2. Resetting your BitBox02
    1. Reset without device unlock
    2. Reset via the BitBoxApp

Make sure you have your backup

Caution: Resetting your device deletes all data, including your seed, from the device. It is essential that you have a working backup of your wallet before you reset your BitBox02. If that is not the case you will most likely forever lose your coins!!!

Resetting your BitBox02

Reset without device unlock

If you want to reset your BitBox02 without the BitBoxApp, just type in an incorrect device password 10 times. Then your BitBox02 will reset to factory reset.

Reset via the BitBoxApp

Go to “Device Settings” and select “Reset Device.” alt text

Then confirm that you have a valid backup of your wallet and that you know your passphrase (in case you used one) and click “Reset Device”. alt text