Backup recovery tool

Table of contents

  1. Recovering real funds
  2. For educational purposes

Caution: This page is not required to use your BitBox02 and is provided for instructional purposes.

Recovering real funds

A standalone version of this page can be downloaded from Github and run offline. See the README on Github for instructions.

If you want to recover real funds, please download the page from Github and run offline!

For educational purposes

Learn how to recover from a backup or create your own wallet using the client-side JavaScript below.

BitBox02 | Backup

Backup center instructions

  1. On an offline machine connect the microSD card that holds your wallet backup.
  2. Click the "Choose file" button below and select the wallet backup file from you microSD card.
  3. Import the generated BIP-39 seed phrase into a wallet application, such as Electrum.
  4. Move your coins to a newly generated wallet, as the original wallet generated by BitBox could now be compromised as you imported it on your normal computer.

Backup center

Click the button to select the wallet backup file:

This is your BIP39 seed phrase:

Wallet / backup name:

It was created on the following date:

Using BitBox02 firmware version:

Derivation information

  • The BitBox generates wallet addresses according to BIP32 and BIP44 specifications.
  • The BIP32 extended master private key is m.
  • BIP 44 specifies the following standard:
    • m / purpose’ / coin_type’ / account’ / change / address_index

Purpose field

  • Purpose is set as follows:
    • Segwit (P2PSH) = 49’
    • Native Segwit (P2WPKH) = 84’

Coin_type field

  • Coin_type is set in accordance to SLIP-44:
    • Bitcoin = 0
    • Testnets = 1’
    • Litecoin = 2

Account field

  • BitBoxApp currently only supports a single account, therefore wallets created via the BitBoxApp will use 0 for the account field.
  • Wallets created with other wallet software have a different account field number.

Change field

  • 0 for normal receive addresses
  • 1 for internally generated change addresses

Address field

  • Addresses are numbered from index 0 in sequentially increasing manner.
  • 1 for internally generated change addresses